Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Deadline Approaching

"Oooh" he cries while searching for the time and realizing to his excitement that it is indeed not quite midnight and that there still is time for something really useless to get published for all of nobody to read. Just enough time to squeeze in a Tuesday posting. After all, VE's (yes, that is Variant E's acronym) blog is simply an amusing experiment to determine if he will actually follow through and post consistent trivial musings for his own wandering pleasure or develop a serious case of WB. (I know, that is probably already Warner Brothers acronym but I meant writer's block).

Besides, I've no idea what this blog page will look like and you have to post something in order to see a preview of your blog. So, enough spewing of the keystrokes for you now; VE must figure this out first. Odds are a bazillion to one that I'll like the default format (I'm not sure if bazillion is an actual word or not, but I like it; it just feels like a number far too high to ever want to count to).