Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dreaming online

Had a weird dream the other day. I'd started this cult college game using ebay. Apparently college students would make wagers and compete against each other to see who could amass the highest dollar amounts bidding on ebay without winning anything. If you know anything about ebay, as long as somebody else bids higher than you, you aren't obligated for the auction. The higher the auction amount, the bigger the risk of getting stuck with it. The game worked on a 2 day basis. Participants had five days to amass a dollar amount. Every bid they did would be added up based on the bid amount they got away with. Only auctions that you were outbid counted. If you had any wins during that time period, you were out. Yeah, crazy weird, but the game could definitely be played. I gotta change what I'm eating before bed I guess!

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