Friday, June 30, 2006

Drugs on steroids

Am I the only one that can take some over the counter medication and have it behave like it’s a lethal dose of some prescription medication? Take Nyquil for instance. Ok, fun drink for your alcoholic desparates. But besides that, I took some the other night to relieve my summer cold symptoms and I didn’t wake up the following day until 11:00am. This was a work day too. That fogged stupor that Nyquil puts me in didn’t wear off until about 2:00pm. Here’s my top 5 medication disasters:

1. Woke up from anesthesia 8 hours late when I was put under for surgery. They had to wheel me to some other room to see if I’d ever wake up.

2. I am apparently one of the worlds 5% of patients that become addicted to their pain medication following surgery. Apparently pain removes that addiction potential in the other 95% of the population. Joy!

3. Took some Benadryl to make me drowsy (per doctor recommendation) and it did the opposite; had me wired to the point of having nervous ticks. Think a dozen Starbuck Espresso’s back-to-back folks!

4. I once took some over the counter anti-sleeping pill when I was driving and I think perhaps I took one too many. I felt like Speedy Gonzales on sterioids. I didn’t sleep for about two days and was buzzing around like a hyper-active kid with ADT.

5. The Nyquil incident I already told you. Wonderful if you want to check out of life for a good 12 hours…


House of Suz said...

Better stay away from recreational drugs as well, bub.

Anonymous said...

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