Monday, June 19, 2006

On the Road

Yes, VE's on the road. And whenever I am travelling, something happens. It's gotten to the point that people I know actually feel sorry for whomever I will be travelling with because they know something will happen. It has to; VE is going.

This trip? Yep, the dreaded Washington, DC tour with my daughter (5th grade). With 6,325 memorials, statues, museums, monuments, and other tourist opportunities to see all crammed into a gruelling 7 days. There is no amount of training that can prepare you for the never ending photo opportunities and shuttling from one site to the next. And all with that lovely Wash DC humidity to enjoy.

But I digress, there is always something with every trip. Last trip I just happened to be fortunate to be in Sao Paulo Brasil right when they had gang riots and forced an international travel security warning and the government mandated an 8:00pm curfew. Even though my co-workers insist I probably cause the rioting; I claim it to be simply the VE effect.

Other memorable happenings:
1. Hurricane Gilbert in Cancun (yep, top 15 largest storms ever recorded)
2. Super Typhoon Zeb in Taiwan (yep, top 10 largest storms ever recorded)
3. Earthquake in San Francisco
4. Road Rash from inline skating, Brasil
5. Plane's engine catches on fire over the Amazon, emergency landing in Guyana (no thanks, no Koolaide for me on the flight...)

The list goes on. And on. It's not just the trips either; it's pretty much some injury or illness: sprained neck on an inverted wave in Hawaii, plates in my arm from a 5 place break on my arm that left me with two elbows, shattered nose from a pool cue (wrong place/wrong time), attacked by two full grown Rottweilers just walking in NE Portland through a neighborhood, hit five different times by cars while commuting to work, broken hand skiing at Mt. Hood (ok, so I slipped down the steps coming out of the bar...), sprained knee when one ski didn't quite make the out of bounds pole but the other did. I could even go on. I figure I've had perhaps only one year without some major event. If it's not having to jump from ship to ship in the middle of the Bering Sea during a storm, it's getting adult chickenpox, or Phnuemonia (twice), or Shegela, or food poisoning from Subway, or a strange tumor above my eye that got immediately removed by the doctors and they said nothing more about it (with a concerned look, but nothing ever came of it). Yes, it's not the years; it's the mileage as I always like to quote from "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

Anyway, as I started this post pointing out that I am on the road. Twenty two kids and adults on a bus making our way through the itinerary. Guess which of the 22 ends up in the Emergency Room today? Yep, it's me. Apparently with an absys in my armpit that had grown to the size of a golf ball. The numbing and lancing of that definitely made the top 5 most painful things I've endured; and for me - that's saying a lot. My fist was clenched so tight for so long that I was drenched in sweat (watch Ronin when he removes the bullet from his side; you'll get the picture). I literally didn't think I could endure it much longer without passing out. But at least I can continue the tour in safely knowing that I've now experienced this trip's event and the rest should go smoothly.

May your trips be happy and uneventful (well, only in the way I'm thinking about uneventful).

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House of Suz said...

Remind me to never travel with you. I've never had a major injury and don't want to start now.