Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Reservation about Preservation

Hey, as I get older, I’m very thankful that I’m not aging at near the rate of many my age. Perhaps it’s diet, lifestyle, genes. Whatever it is, I was always glad of good preservation. Of course, that doesn’t apply to food items. Two specific stories come to mind:

1. When I was a bachelor in the Coast Guard, I accidentally spilled some ice cream that fell between the fridge and the kitchen counter. I didn’t know it at the time and…well…being a bachelor, it went unnoticed for at least a full year. The scary part was that when I did find it, much of it hadn’t melted! It was almost as if it was a foamy plastic like replica of ice cream. Lesson learned from this: Never, ever buy those rectangular boxes store brand boxes of ice cream, they must be all fake and full of preservatives!

2. When I was in college I moved back in with my Dad. There in the garage on the window sill, I found a Twinkie. There it sat. No wrapper, no mold, no visual change to it what-so-ever. I figure it had been sitting there unnoticed for at least seven years since I had been in the Coast Guard away from home for over six years. What was their slogan, wholesome goodness or something like that? Yeah, right!


House of Suz said...

I like the photo. And you are brave for taking a bite out of that ancient snack cake. Feel ok after?

Ed said...

And it was so wholesome tasting too! Nope, didn't have it in me to actually buy a twinkie so I did like all good bloggers do...went out on the internet and found a picture of one and stole that.

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