Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sleepers List

Five movies you might never have seen but should take a look at

1. Gizmo. Great wacky documentary full of vintage footage of kooky inventors and outrageous people. It’s a real trip to watch.
2. Koyaanisqatsi. Not only can you not pronounce the title, you may not have seen this even though it was made by Francis Ford Copella and gets rave reviews. Oh, it also has no dialog at all but does tell a story. I find the last scene one of the most mesmerizing and haunting in film.
3. Life as a House. I really enjoy this film. There is some strained acting in it but there are some poignant moments I really hold on to. One that particularly stands out for me is when he talks about change in a person being either so slow and gradual that you don’t notice it until it’s happens or it just blows you away and changes you in an instant.
4. After Hours. This is actually a Martin Scorsese film. Very odd characters and scenes but I like odd stuff. Watch for Cheech & Chong playing criminals.
5. Red Rock West. I think this was overlooked but I enjoyed it. Good thriller with twists that keep you guessing. Nick Cage and Dennis Hopper are in it.

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House of Suz said...

I guess I have some viewing to do, I've only see one.