Saturday, June 03, 2006

Take That!

Todays list of five are scenes that involve an unexpected reply or action. A real "Take that!"

1. Good Will Hunting. The scene when he finally takes Will out of his element and somewhere neutral (in this case the park). He then so utterly shows that not only is he Will’s equal in the cerebral arena but that he can put forth a pretty kick ass psychological attack of his own.
2. Shine. I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie but I loved the part where he’s in the restaurant/bar and is being his usual weird self by this old crappy piano and the patrons are sort of making fun of him and egg him on to play as if he’s the local idiot of the town and that might be amusing to watch him try. Of course, he does and he just tears up the piano with “Flight of the Bumble Bee” and their mouths essentially drop open with that “Holy Shit” kind of look.
3. Office Space. Ok, this isn’t so much a take that scene but I had to find a way to get in something from this movie. The scene is when he shows up after having not bothered to come in to work for several days at a time. The consultants are there and they drag him into their meeting and they say “I hear you’ve been missing a lot of work lately.’ To which he replies “Well Bob, I’m not exactly missing it if you know what I mean.” I love that. Everybody that works in cube life secretly wants to say that! Oh to get that opportunity without the inevitable consequences.
4. Working Girl. Going back a ways for this one. I love the scene when she finally proves just where her idea came from and then they actually confront Sigourney Weaver right there in front of everyone and she’s unable to come up with a quick answer. Guilty!!! Ouch. You just never see confrontation in the workspace, it’s always such a save-face envirnonment.
5. My Cousin Vinny. Who doesn’t love Joe Pesci tearing up the witnesses in the most comical way on film especially after everyone thinks he’s not even competent enough to do the job at all. Favorite line: “Do the laws of physics cease to exist at your stove?” (he’s arguing that you can’t cook grits in 5 minutes when it takes the rest of the world 20 minutes to cook grits).

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House of Suz said...

I love that line from Office Space too.