Tuesday, June 13, 2006


After reading a really funny blog article on an accidental email going to their boss when it should have been going to a friend (because it was all about the boss), it got me thinking of all the email blunders I've seen from the 15 years I've been at my company (which has thousands of employees all doing email). We always called them "Go Ducks" emails because this one poor employee sent out that exact statement to the entire company by accident many years ago. The comments were simply his preference to the Civil War football game between Oregon and Oregon State. Little did he know, that his message actually went to at least 8,000 employees all over the world. After that, we always kept track of these amusing mishaps as the "Go Ducks" effect. And that makes today's list of 5. The 5 most amusing "Go Ducks" I've seen at work:

1. The reply to the original "Go Duck" email. This jerk of a co-worker just happened to be in Hong Kong and in charge of the network at the time. He wrote a scathing email back to the "Go Ducks" originator about the cost of sending that out and filling up email servers, etc. etc. etc. You guessed it, he accidently sent cc'd everyone in the company. After that, he was about as popular in the company as George Bush would be at an environmental convention. I personally loved it; yes, there is a God, and he/she has a sense of humor.

2. Seems every phone extension in the company that started with a '3' (which was a LOT) got the same voice mail once from some poor guy in one of our retail stores trying to call HR because he was unsure what to do about xxxxx and the fact that they have been pilfering product for some time now. Talk about your sensative HR subjects....nice thing to leave on a voice mail. As a rule, NEVER leave anything that could be used as fuel for pranksters on voice mail. Even I once called in sick and many years later still had that pathetic coughing wimpy voice message played in front of me over and over for humor.

3. It's always fun when Sr. Management does the blunder. That rarely happens because they usually have very competent Administrative Assistants doing everything for them anyway. Yep, an effective company is really run by the caliber of the administrative talent; forget the VPs, they're just the mouth pieces. Anyway, the entire company gets this email from one VP to another VP basically coming right out and saying "I don't trust xxxxxx's numbers. I never have". What they were referring to is the Chief Financial Officer and the fact that they were basically calling him either incompetent, unethical, or both. Nothin' like a good VP fight...

4. We had a meeting for the Hood to Coast running event. All participants were to meet to get oriented on the event. This event is a BIG deal where I work and there are many hundreds that participate every year. Ok, so these two very snobbish, preppy women are somehow on the email but not part of the event. One emails the other, "Do we have to go to this too? Yuk Poo!" Of course, the email goes to everyone tied to the event. Classic.

5. This one happens over and over and over. Email goes out to pratically the entire company. The entire company then replies back to that person (and everyone else) not to email the entire company and they have better things to do with their time. Which of course then sets off another round of "you idiot, get a clue" emails, which then sets forth a round of "please don't copy the entire world on your email" emails. And guess what? Yep, they send those to the entire world. You can see where this is going...

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