Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cool things

Space shuttle? Forget it. My new favorite space concept is the space elevator. Yes folks, that would be a slightly longer ride than the Empire State Building elevator. Think I’m joking? Check it out at:

Ok, really I’m out of my element when it comes to things like the above. But cutting edge exercise toys…count me in! I was one of the first inline skate adopters around. I had inline skates in 1983, years before the fad. I used to get stopped by cars from people who wanted to know what they were. I couldn't find a photo of my original skates and unfortunately I loaned them to somebody and never got them back. They had this really heavy metal axel with many holes so you could position the wheels wherever you wanted. They later switched to either plastic pre-set or fancier aluminum pre-set axels rather than these adjustable metal ones.

I also was an early adopter of the off road inline skates. Not that I so wanted to use them offroad, I thought the pump up wheels would work well in the rain. Plus, they just looked so cool! Needless to say, I sold them because they were simply too heavy to be practical. About the only thing you could do with them that was novel is fly down grass hills

When is the last time you hopped across a lake right on top of the water? Yeah, I can’t think of the last time either. But check out the AquaSkipper! I saw something similar in an obscure documentary called “Gizmo” that had an old movie clip from the early 1900s and thought that the invention, while wacky, looked really interesting. Check it out:
I’ve definitely got to try this out!

Another fun thing is jumping. I first got a hold of some jump boots. I just wanted them as an alternative to running and they looked low impact. I still use mine to this day and they are about equal or maybe a slight bit harder in effort to running. Problem was, I wanted to really bounce.

Enter the Powerizers. Now these are some serious jumping devices. They can jump something like 6-8 feet in the air and you can run at a speed of 20mph! Stay tuned, I’ve got mine on order. They should be good for a few new broken bones…

Not enough jumping? You can do the Flybar. It’s a pogo stick on steroids and will go up over 5 feet in the air. Supposedly the feel is like that of a trampoline. You can check it out at

Yes, there simply is never enough interesting toys out there for me to explore.


House of Suz said...

Yes, there simply is never enough interesting toys out there for me to explore.

..........or never enough bones to break. I'm getting you a rabbit's foot to go with your new jump boots.

Anonymous said...

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