Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's a post, it's a maze. It's both!

This blog post serves two different functions. For one, it is simply my periodic posting. But another purpose is that it is also a maze. You see, I am a maze maker. I was once featured in the newspaper for my mazes. Maze making does not take a large IQ. No, the job of a maze maker is part artist and part anal. My mentor was a talented guy from the town of Stranton, NJ of all places. I enjoyed every maze that he did. He would name his mazes. He had one called Bonzai because it looked like one of those miniature trees and another that used the symbols of the zodiac as a theme. Still others reminded you of a bowl full of chili or a plate of noodles. There are lots of different styles. This post is a unique style; certainly not your traditional maze format, is it? But as I said earlier, this whole post is a maze. The object of the maze is to get from the first word on this post to the last word. You advance through the maze by taking the last letter of the word you are on and then finding another word that starts with that letter. You then take the last letter of that word and do the same over and over until you get to the last word in this post. Go ahead and try it, how hard can it be? I am not even going to provide an answer so you will either solve it or quit.

Here's a sample to help you with how to do the above. The following maze:

There once was an eager young person with a real liking to go out get a grip on new things in the world.

Using the same maze rules, the answer would be:


House of Suz said...

Do we have to start with the first word, This?

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

Anonymous said...

Your sample maze doesn't work. You skipped the word go.

Ed said...

Actually, the sample does work and is the answer. The problem in following it for many is that they don't think you can go forward or backword through the paragraph to find ANY word that starts with the letter at the end of the word you are on. For example, if the puzzle were "Algebra assignments for Debbie and Don exist" the answer for this would be Algebra-and-Debbie-exist. It doesn't mean I have to go right to assignments as the 'a' word that connects with Algebra. It also means that when on 'and', I don't have to go forward to Don. I can go backward to Debbie. Don't think of it linearly like a paragraph, it's simply a word puzzle.

Unknown said...

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