Sunday, July 23, 2006

The quietist Birthday I can remember

It was a my birthday on Saturday. I was actually out camping with my two kids and my father. I'd already picked out a mountain bike as a B-Day present from my father and gotten his card and the kids had something for me but one of them left it at home so it would have to wait until we got back on Sunday. So, my Birthday sort of came and went with only a single happy B-Day from them in the morning. I was out of cell phone range so I had my phone off.

It was very strange to go through ones Birthday with so little fanfare. Not that I am an attention seeker, it just made me think about all the people out there that probably have their Birthday's pass by with nobody calling them or stopping by or perhaps even knowing. How very lonely that seems. I think I read an article not long ago about the phenomenon that Americans have far fewer close friends than prior generations. I can personally relate. I can never seem to find the time for everything; it just seems to fly by.

So when I checked my phone on the way down from the mountain, I was very happy that my girlfriend had left not one, but two text messages; a voice mail; and even got a hold of me right as I got home. It made me smile and I am glad to have heard from at least the one person I really care about right now. Big bonus points there Suz!

Ok, sidetracked off my usual pointless trivial nonsense. I'll try to get back on track in my next post and publish something utterly not worth reading (like I actually have readers...right!).


House of Suz said...

Oh, how sweet.

Unfortunately there was a huge, weekend long pool party in your honor but you couldn't make it.

Vivalacrap said...

And also, I read that Americans work more, sleep less and make less money than years ago. Thats just bullshit. Maybe we should move to Europe.

House of Suz said...

Or Canada

Treylmix said...

What, no honorable mention for "the roommate"?

Ed said...

The "roomate" definitely gets an honorable mention for attending my birthday dinner with Suz. Thanks to Diane for showing up too. Besides, the roomate has to put up with me when I'm over at the house anyway.