Sunday, July 30, 2006

Random musings of the Day

I see where they are going to hold a giant Strip Poker championship in Britian. First off, a championship would imply they've had other strip poker contests to lead up to a championship. Somehow I seem to miss those episodes on the Travel Channel. Then, I got to wondering...would you really want to play strip poker with people you didn't want to see naked? Of course not. Duh! You'd be doing all you could to make those nasty players the winners just to keep them clothed! And guys, if it is getting down there to your last sock, don't get excited about that Royal Flush, erections are a sure tell that you've got a great hand.

I also happened to glance at the cover of a Details magazine that was sitting on a table somewhere I went this weekend. One of the articles said "The sexiest women in the world: what they have in common". Yeah details inside. I could write that article...turn to page 50 and simply say "they are all sexy". Duh! I could do a feature every issue. "The ugliest women in the world, what they have in common" THEY'RE UGLY! Get the pattern? Apprently the magazine feels their readers don't.

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