Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What's the big deal anyway?

You know, I'll admit it. I was a fingernail biter for my entire life up until about two months ago. Don't know what made me stop and I did it overnight. Cold Turkey. Yeah, so everyone knows it's a bad habit. I learned that from my parents, my teachers, practically any adult I ever met. But seriously, despite the grossness factor of what might actually be under your fingernails and just plain looking stupid biting them, what's the big deal? Personally, I found that once I stopped biting them, now I had to constantly clip and file them. Hey, biting is self maintenance! You don't need a whole damn manicure kit. I mean, if God had intended us not to bit them, wouldn't he have made it so they were out of reach? Now one could argue that same question could be posed about toe nails and personally, that's just plain gross! But most of us couldn't reach our toes with our mouths anyway so it's not really an option even if it weren't in the disgusting category. Yeah, I'll admit it, my nails do look better not all chewed up but now it is a consious effort to keep them from turning into a martini skewer. Of course, the other argument is that your likely to pick up colds or viruses from under your fingernails by biting them but really, one could counterpoint that by arguing that I wouldn't want to be entirely bug free because I wouldn't have any immunities built up. You know what happens then? Just read a little history about the Europeans coming over to the New World and wiping out the civilizations because they had no immunities. Yep, the natives all probably trimmed their damned nails and now their all DEAD!!!!! See where it gets you!

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House of Suz said...

I'm sorry, but you're not going back to that filthy habbit. I don't care how much you whine.