Thursday, August 17, 2006

17 Things I have learned the hard way

17 Things I have learned the hard way:

- Don’t wipe your ass with poison oak leaves while camping

- The power steering goes out when your car runs out of gas and you try coasting down a hill to a gas station

- Playing Black Jack for shots of champagne is not a good idea when you have bad luck with cards

- Using champagne for shots is not a good idea ever

- If you are going to explore abandoned houses make sure they are abandoned

- Don’t carry more than $300 cash in your wallet when going through a crowded touristy area; particularly during Christmas time

- In this age of digital manipulation, never call in sick and sound pathetically terrible and leave that on your bosses voice mail

- A VW bug can be driven starting in 3rd gear but it is difficult

- After a lot of drinking, having a cheese omelet, clam chowder, and a chocolate milkshake is not a good combination to order at the restaurant

- Don’t brush your teeth in Hong Kong using the tap water

- When fighting over a large butcher knife with a friend, don’t grab the blade end

- If you are going to whitewater raft an unfamiliar river from one car to another, be sure to spot where to take out from the river first

- Vodka and Grape Soda don’t mix

- Playing “King of the Raft” and standing on the outer tubes through class 2/3 rapids until the last person is standing is not a wise choice of games

- Not tying a rope directly into your harness and not checking your carabineer to see if it is closed is not a safe way to be climbing and might cause the rope to unclip from you

- Sometimes the one you love can change their personality enough that you don’t even know who they are anymore and nothing will bring them back despite anything you do

- The signs at the beaches that show the swimmer being flipped upside down from a wave and breaking their neck are there for a reason

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