Thursday, August 17, 2006

Five things I learned from random blog surfing today

The five things I learned from random blog surfing today:

1. There are blogs in other fucking languages. I thought it was a requirement that these things had to be in English? Don’t we own the monopoly on blogging or something?

2. Bush still has 886 days left in office. How depressing is that?

3. Fuck there’s a lot of fucking fuckers fuckin’ swearing on their fucking blog sites

4. Why do all the female Asian blogs have the female anime theme going on? They are filled with sappy love poems and Walt Disney-esque ideals on love and happiness. It’s like overdosing on sugar cubes or something; eventually you will barf.

5. Do we really have to read about how you mean to write more (but don’t)? How you don’t understand blogging (and are therefore saying nothing). How you spent every miserable second of your life. If I read a blog on every second of your life, it would then be my life; and then I’d have to kill myself from boredom.


Vivalacrap said...

I don't think #5 actually had a lesson in it anywhere...

Ed said...

Ah, the biggest lesson of all. Don't waste time reading uninteresting blogs! Who would have thunk!