Sunday, August 06, 2006

I always wanted to be a cartoonist

I like creativity but writing is hard, I'm not musically gifted and have no rythm, and movies..well, they look complex and expensive to make. I always wanted to be a cartoonist. One problem though; I can't draw either. It hasn't completely stopped me though. For years when I collected beer cans and to find the really old ones, you actually had to go out and find them. Sometimes they'd be rusty and so you had to clean them up; sort of restore them like you would an old car. Anyway, there was a nationwide group of folks that did this and I used to edit their newsletter. I'd add in cartoons that were very specific to the hobby of "dumping" (which is just find old cans in dumps or under the ground through the use of metal detectors). Call it weird, I know, but I made many, many thousands of dollars selling those cans later on.
Anyway, at first I would try to draw them myself but as you can see while the idea might be humorous, the drawing is pathetic:
Then, I would simply find other cartoons and then I'd change them into my own cartoon with different captions and meanings. That's one way to be creative and not have to actually draw. Of course, that also violates copywrite. Oops. Here's a couple of that style:

Finally, I decided to partner up with somebody that could draw; my ideas, their drawings. First, my mom did some, but ultimately her style was more artsy than cartoon like:

Then I happened on a fellow hobbyist that had an amazing gift for drawing cartoons. We combined and things were just wonderful for a time. I gave him like 15 cartoon ideas right from the start; I'd just write them down in text and let him create the cartoon from that.

(These were old/rare beer brands...)

Of course, my departure from that hobby ended my partnership with Andy, but that didn't end my interest in coming up with cartoons. I'll share some I have written down in text on my next post...