Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Logical Comparisons

Try this game next time you are in the car on a long drive with somebody. It’s a little more intellectual than your typical alphabet game, etc. Also, it’s not that easy to come up with them. Give it a shot. Here’s a few I came up with:

Fatty Lumpkin was to Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry as Billy Preston was to John, Paul, George and Ringo.

That is, the unofficial fifth of a famous quartet but in a very limited and minor role.

Beta was to VHS as Word Perfect was to Microsoft Word.

That is, a superior product that got bullied out by an inferior product at the time

Alexander Graham Bell was to the telephone as Charles Darrow was to Monopoly

That is, not the actual inventor at all. In the case of Bell, he merely had the first patent but there were many other phone inventors before him and yet he always seems to get incorrectly credited with the invention. In the case of Charles Darrow, he was supposed to have invented Monopoly back during the depression when in fact he took the game from the public domain (it was a Quaker game) and submitted it for publication as his own game. Great reading if you want to see just how incorrect and covered up history can get.

Perpetual Motion is to energy solutions as Cold Fusion is to energy solutions

That is, though they seem to make sense that such a process/machine could be constructed; the reality is that neither ever have and both are shrouded in false claims of success.


House of Suz said...

I kind of like the liscence plate game myself.....

Gnomeself Be True said...

Word Perfect...wasn't.
Word won because of Excel.

markjamesmurphy said...

Joe Besser and Curly Joe DeRita were to The Three Stooges as Coy and Vance Duke were to The Dukes Of Hazzard