Friday, August 25, 2006

Random Movie Thoughts

Rocky’s first character girlfriend was Alejandrina but the familiar saying”Yo Alejandrina” just didn’t work well. (ok, I made that up...don't bother to google it).

The Magnificent Seven. What's so magnicficent about them? They're all DEAD!!!

The best movie I haven't seen: To Kill a Mockingbird (I know, I'm not worthy...)

It's a weird concidence that Little Miss Sunshine featured all those freaky looking beauty contestant girls at the same time JonBenot showed back up in the press again.

Best movie I saw this year so far has been Little Miss Sunshine. Second best was Brick. The bronze goes to Thank you for Smoking. All indies and I'm not necessarily prone to just liking indies but the blockbusters and popular choices this season, well, they were pretty ho-hum.

Eye docters should just purchase a copy of Leanard Malten's Movie and Video Guide. 10.5 billion pages of the smallest text font you've ever seen. If you can read that in semi-dim light, certainly don't need reading glasses.

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