Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Textual cartoons

Ok, as I said in an earlier post, I cannot draw but I can visualize cartoons in my head all the time. Here are just a few. Let me know if they are any good:

1. Single box cartoon. Caption above: After returning from OZ, Dorothy went on to pioneer in sports broadcasting. Drawing: Dorothy in a sports locker at the NFL Pro Bowl game with buff football players changing. She has a mischevious smile on her face. Her thought bubble: "Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!"

2. Single box cartoon. Dimensional drawing looking down at a car and a single line of trees on both sides of the road with condos, golf courses, mini-malls, construction and parking lots filling everything else behind the trees. Wife in the car is saying "See...I don't know what you get all worked up about...there are miles of forest left."

3. Single box cartoon. Drawing of one dorky looking Samauri shaving a tough looking Samauri with his sword. Caption below: "Contrary to legend there were actually 8 samauri until the fateful day it was discovered Hishura actually wasn't a gifted barber as he initially boasted"

4. Single box cartoon. Drawing of a witch stepping into a modern bathroom and leaning over the bodeau and reaching for the handle with a thought bubble saying "Wonder what this does?" Caption below says: "Why we never saw the wicked witch of the South"

5. Single box cartoon. Drawing of a diner with a cow waitress, cow cook, and a booth with a cow couple. Sign by the register says "No Tipping".

6. Political humor. Single box cartoon. Caption above: Bush and Gore: Celebrity Survival rematch. Drawing is an obstacle course with two ropes a very high log balance beam and other stuff further on. The survivor host is rolling his eyes as Bush and Gore are standing by the ropes and looking at both them and the beam. The top Bush bubble says "Is that rope synthetic? I'm not touching a natural fiber material when there are perfectly good oil base rope products available." The Gore bubble says "Well it better be hemp rope. That's sustainable and won't contribute to this global warming issue. Who's the manufacture? I'll check it on the internet that I invented". The last Bush bubble says "Hey...that log walk looks dangerous. Let's get the National Guard to do it first".