Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Unlofty thoughts for uninspiring situations

Things that pass through my mind while stuck in traffic:

- If I was actually in a monster truck, would it really roll if I drove over all of the cars stopped in front of me?
- Hey, the person in front of me is looking in their rear view mirror at me. Hey, the person in back of me is looking in their rear view mirror at the person in the back of them.
- Do the freeloading beggers with the card board signs at every on ramp and off ramp have to belong to a union? Are they designated certain locations?
- Do all bicycle commuters have to dress like they are sponsored for the Tour de France? Don’t they make casual biker commuter clothing that looks normal to the average person?
- Uh oh, there’s a single cloud that has shown up; that will certainly expand to take over the entire universe over the next 20 minutes and ruin a perfectly sunny day.
- Why was Superman Returns boring but Batman Begins super?
- If I could get back all the time in my entire life spent waiting in traffic, I could have an excellent vacation off the coast of Italy.


House of Suz said...

I think you need a monster truck so you can test out that theory.

Gnomeself Be True said...

It's all aerodynamics to those bike guys. Sort of like putting a spoiler on your Escort GL.

Ed said...

I'd only end up rolling it and getting yet another injury by testing out that theory.

Spoilers on Escort GLs... funny that like tinting the windows on a GMC Pacer?

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