Sunday, September 17, 2006

Beta sucks...

Ok, I'm going to put it out there right now. The Beta version of Blogger sucks! And I haven't even downloaded it yet. I never go with Beta if I can help it. But heres the problem: those that have gone with Beta; I can no longer post comments to their blogs and they can no longer post comments to mine. What's up with that? Is that an improvement? I've tried it with both IE and FF and neither work. There are now three blogs I read and cannot post to: It's Not, The Unwilling Adult, and the Kanrei Home for Wayward Lemmings. Irritating....

Post Edit: Ok, stopped being blogger lazy and checked the known problems page. You can post between these but only if you use "Other" rather than "Blogger". Using Other, you can still put in your blog name and blog page on the post. I tried it out and it worked on a couple of these. I would assume it would work the other way as well. Meanwhile, they are working on a fix but it doesn't sound trivial.


Anonymous said...

Wait...I'm on beta too. We should be able to post to each other. At least that's what the message tells me.

Nope, that didn't work. I'm using "other." I have to agree, Beta sucks.

Anonymous said...

You read me! Thank you. I come here often. I am forced to post as "other" on people's blogs now. When I upgraded, I did not see that "you cannot go back" part of the warning. It sucks right now. Beta has no HTML editing yet either, so I cannot even use the new features unless I use their template.
Bah =(

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