Thursday, September 28, 2006


Ok, so here we have the World's Longest Fingernails. Yep, I'm wondering the same thing:

- Just how does she pick her nose?
- Obviously doesn't have a computer
- Imagine her hangnail?
- They're great for grilling shish-ka-bob
- Takes her 12 minutes to guide her wedding ring off for cleaning
- Who needs a necklace, string a few pearls on em and drape them around your neck
- Slap jack suddenly becomes whip jack

Next up....World's longest nose hair....


Anonymous said...

That picture is more freaky than the one of the girl with the spear sticking through her foot.

I think this would be her Mastercard commercial:

Hiring someone to write for me: $400
25 gallons of nail polish: $2000
Manicures: $1500
Scratching an itch: priceless

Ed said...

That's funny kanrei

Unknown said...

What a whackjob!

markjamesmurphy said...