Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy Birthday to you

Somebody special to me has a birthday today. That deserves a post. Yes, it is rare that VE will post something real, non-trivial, personal, and not-his-usual-drivel on his Blog. But we all have priorities. So given that…

Top 7 things I like about Suz:

7 She lives in my part of town; I grew up around there, I’m jealous
6 She has a great network of friends and can organize a fun get together without trying
5 She’s a good cook
4 Her slightly warped sense of humor
3 She’s really very kind and caring
2 How many late 40s women look this young and this hot?
1 I can’t tell you!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y S U Z ! ! !


House of Suz said...

You could only come up with 7?

Happy MY Birthday Everyone!

Ed said...

No, I could come up with more easily, I just thought seven a lucky number.

Treylmix said...

8,9 and 10 "The Roommate" "The Roommate" and "the Roommate"

and I think that I heard what # 1 was.