Friday, September 22, 2006

In the News

Willie Nelson caught with over a pound of Marijuana. Isn’t it funny how when a celebrity is young and gets caught we think “oh, so he’s a party guy…” but then when they get a bit older it becomes “what a waste…send him to rehab”. Finally, when they are the age of Willie, who is like 75 now, it becomes “oh, who cares, let the old guy have his fun while he still can”.

Man with Penis transplant has it removed after two weeks. Ok, 40 something guy has the first successful penis transplant from a 20 something. It became too much stress and anxiety for the couple apparently. I guess for him, he wasn’t in good enough shape to keep up with a 20 year old dick now. For her, well, it kept giving her the evil eye…

Bush wants to rewrite the Geneva Convention. Doesn’t he have to have the skills to write in the first place? But beyond that, why can’t we misdirect him and get him to rewrite some other convention. How about some antique and collectors convention instead?

Scientists found 3 year old female skeleton that dates back 3.3 million years. I think that qualifies her for the senior discount in most places. She apparently has bones that indicate she was a swinger (well, from trees that is). I guess to be fair to the creationists out there; we’re still looking for that Ark, those tablets, that Grail, among other things…

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