Friday, September 29, 2006

Life's a Pain Moving in Stereo

You know, I recently went out and I got this killer car stereo. It can now run my Ipod nano with over 1200 songs on it (because 600 or 700 was not enough for me and my 4 mile commute to work each day). Anyway, it’s very convenient now because I can blast the bass up from my sub woofer and remove all the internal and external paneling on the vehicle. That’s handy when you really want to detail your car.

But damn if they didn’t screw it up. I’ve now been back twice because I’ll be listening along to Beck cranking out “Loser” when I suddenly realize that no, I’m the loser and all the sound suddenly is moving to a single speaker on the front left side of the car. What the hell? So now it sounds like shit. I might as well play AM radio or something. Maybe some computer audio technical journals; that's about all that would sound good through one speaker (and who are we kidding, that would never sound good).

So I curse, drive off the road because I’m so busy playing with the damn stereo I haven’t been watching the road for the last 5 minutes and I’m suddenly in a K-Mart parking lot and I have no idea how I got there. Anyway, I shut the stereo off but then find to my amusement that it is also possessed! It will just hum away merrily to the acceleration of the car. I step on the gas, the hum gets higher. I step on the brake, the hum gets lower. I don’t own a Hummer here folks!

Anyway, I’m off for a third attempt at fixing it. These Car stereo guys ought to join the World Poker tour because they are very convincing about the fact that they have fixed it each time. They always have some nifty story that sounds very technical and impressive but is completely fucking useless because I’m back to mono sound about 20 minutes down the road.

If they don’t fix it this time; there’s some customer rage gonna happen down at the Car Toys dealer for sure! I don't want to have to open the can of Whoop Ass.


House of Suz said...

At what point to you tell them to "put the nails back on the dog"?

Anonymous said...

You put that cursed song in my head all day long. Given that my name is Brad, that song has awkward memories for me. It was the song in "Fast Times" while Brad was caught self pleasuring. The torment and teasing I got. Good song though.

"It will just hum away merrily to the acceleration of the car. I step on the gas, the hum gets higher. I step on the brake, the hum gets lower."
The radio has been hooked up to the alternator. That is why it hums as you speed up. It was badly installed and should be redone. The other thing could be a problem with the stereo's balance. I would try to get them to install a different one of the same kind and see.