Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Match Game Part 3 - Interests

That’s right, we are still building a profile together. Isn’t it fun? If you missed earlier parts of this, scroll on down!

Part 3: Interests…

What do you do for fun? Could go a few routes here. Let’s explore the honest one:

“Play my Xbox games until I pass out and urinate on the carpet. Belch the alphabet. Watch 29 channels of sports and then the news to catch the highlights of what I haven’t watched or Tevo’d. Drink lots of beer and watch porn.”

Hold off on that one though. Let's go for the bait and switch method and start with this:

“I enjoy long walks along the parkways and beaches. I like to snuggle and watch chick flicks all night long. I’m honest and confident and I love my job but don’t overwork. I love to laugh. I love life. I love puppies and flowers. I’m very outgoing and fun.”

God, I should have taken that job with Hallmark!

Favorite local hot spots or travel destinations?

We’ll have to play the substitution game for this one:
Go to the local strip club….change to….local theatre
Taco Bell for the chalupa special….change to….small interesting restaurants
Superbowl….change to….any place tropical

Ok, I'll admit, today's section isn't a long one, but I don't want to combine sections here. It might be too much for your cerebrium cortex! And it is important you get this right because unless you make it on some reality show or come up with some nifty video gimmick for YouTube it's gonna be your only shot to meet anyone.

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