Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Survivor's new Approach

Hey I know…I’ve got like this really old reality TV show that practically nobody is watching anymore because, well, why bother, it’s the same old crap repackaged slightly each time. Different location, different pretty people that whine and cry but overall…yesterdays news! What to do? Let’s split them in tribes by race!!! Yeah, that’ll stir things up! Of course, the rest of the show will be the same old crap.

And next season….hmm…let’s split them up yet again.

We’ll put the fat ones in one group and they’ll like eat all the fruit on the Island and seafood in the ocean while we’ll have another group of bald people that will get their heads all sunburned from the intense 190 degree tropical heat and they’ll get delirious and start to wear coconut shells on their head because there will be lots of shells after the fat people get to them.

Then, we’ll get a bunch of management out there so that when the tribes merge they can manipulate and control the rest of the contestants while they get all the reward perks and a guaranteed spot on the championship reunion season in the future.

Finally, we can get a bunch of republicans. They can shoot blow darts at the other contestants claiming they were hunting but in reality there won’t be anything to hunt because the fat people will have eaten it already. They can also leak out to middle management that the bald guys are actually terrorists and seeking to overtake the managers. Once in power, they can vote off the management claiming they don’t believe in God.

Yes, I’m filling out my network executive job application right now.


House of Suz said...

Sounds way more interesting than anything on TV now. You have a future in network program management.

Vivalacrap said...

I like how you can already predict the outcome of the show. ROCK.