Thursday, September 21, 2006

Trust Me

Poor Dr. Okon. His Nigerian Civil Panel has left him the responsibility of transferring their 24 million dollars into a US Bank account. It’s so fortunate he found me. I’ve been trying to get through the process for a week. I had to front $10,000 to push this through but gosh, they are dividing the money as 70% back to them, 10% to World Peace, and 20% to me!! Hey, that’s 4.8 million!!! I’ll be rich.

Oh and what a week! I also won the Netherlands Lottery. I don’t remember entering it, but I’ve been so busy lately I guess it just slipped my mind because I got an email just the other day informing me so. For just a mere facilitation fee of $1200 I will be collecting another 3 million dollars!!!!

I’m gonna take some of my money and invest in swamp land down in Florida, I hear it’s really going to explode in value!!!

Hey, have you heard of these poor kids, Craig Shergold and Ryan McGee? They both have terminal cancer and are both requesting get well cards to get into the Guiness Book of World Records! Isn’t that so sad? I’m sending mine out right now!!

And I cannot believe it but the hamburger joint just over town has THE WORLDS BEST HAMBURGERS! Isn’t that awesome? I can’t believe that after all the tasting and testing worldwide they narrowed it down to that greasy burger joint right here in P*Town! Wow. That’s gonna make me head over there right now for their World’s Greatest…

Well, I gotta end this post. I have to act now or I’ll miss out on the savings down at the furniture store. They're having a once in a lifetime sale. I sure hope I don’t miss out; I only have one lifetime!

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Kurt said...

Terminal cancer is sad. But the Guiness Book of World Records rocks!