Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you when?

Of course, this being the 5th anniversary since 9/11 everyone is recalling the stories of where they were when it all occurred. That is one of those defining moments that people use to remember where they were, what they were doing, what they thought at that very time. Similar to when JFK was assassinated or Lady Di died.

But VE says, wait, what about all those other crystallized defining moments.

- What about Tom jumping up on the sofa on Oprah? Where were you when that happened? Were you saying “Yeah Tom, you go for that girl half your age!!” or were you gasping “Oprah! He’s got his feet up on the Sofa…open the whoop ass can.” Maybe you were like some and thought “what in the L. Ron Hubbard is he doing now?”

- What about Janet Jackson’s clothing malfunction at the superbowl halftime show? Where were you then? Ok, actually watching that damn show; but were you eating a corn chip piled with gobs of gooey goodness from a can? Pissing from the 28 beers during the pre-game event? In a moment of silence because your team was the one being humiliated in that year’s version of the “let’s utterly embarrass the other team so this game is as boring a hell” event? Inquiring minds want to know.

- What about the Bush/Gore Florida counting fiasco? What were you doing when that last phoney chad was supposedly recounted? What was going through your mind when you realized we had just re-elected the dumbest President ever? Yeah, I thought so.

Yes, there are clearly many of these incredibly important and shocking events that we should apply this too. In fact, I’m going right out now and create a new Trivial Pursuit like board game just to call out the bazillion moments in our lives that something happened! I’ll call you from my 4000 foot yacht that other people drive and clean when I make those millions on it….