Sunday, September 17, 2006


1. I wish the entire world spoke the same language or we at least had a universal translation product that would instantly translate as you heard it (like in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

2. I wish I had a job that was creative and I really loved and felt like it was worthwhile doing.

3. I wish those Star Trek transporters were real on Earth; I’m tired of airline security and it would be cool to have the travel time to Australia be…instantaneous.

4. I wish our origins and purpose were clear, proven, and indisputable so we could move on to accepting it or rejecting it and move away from all the religious “I’m right” mentality or the non-religious “You’re wrong” mentality.

5. I wish there were single file formats for music, video, and software across the world so I didn’t have to worry about conversions, compatibility, and what flippin’ zone my part of the world is.

6. I wish exercise were easy, fun, non-painful and as stimulating as a sexual orgasm.

7. I wish that there was a universal program that allowed people to take off for an entire year to recharge their life’s batteries. See the world, retrain for something else, volunteer, take it easy for the first time in your life; whatever. The whole program would be as protected as the child labor laws protect that.

8. I wish there were no predefined work days or work weeks; that it was entirely up to an individual at the onset of a job based on their desires of how much work-life balance they want to design and what days they wanted to work and that there would be no condemnation for those less motivated by work.

9. I wish slow people drove in the right lane, faster people in the middle lane(s) and the fastest in the left lane.

10. I wish I had a secret tunnel that went from my house to other plots of land I owned throughout the city so that I could drive across town with no traffic ever and nobody would know!


Vivalacrap said...

Pretty much you should wish that EVERYTHING was like in Hitchhikers Guide. That would rock. Or wait, wish that all things were as in film and you could like magically wish people into any movie you saw fit. I would totally wish my boss into Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!! HEE!!!

Ed said...

I don't know Starlet, your luck, your boss would probably be the one who lived through the movie...