Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You Decide

I know. Let's play the "Before and After" game. Then you say "Gosh VE, that sounds like fun, what is it?" in your best Leave it to Beaver voice. Ok, I'm making this stuff up as I go (well, I always do) so here goes: I'll give you the before picture and then you get to pick the after picture. Of course, your answer will secretly speak volumes about your personality and outlook on life and naturally I then take this one tiny little response and provide you with a completely invalid encapsulation of your psychi. Sounds like a hoot, huh?


Ok, now it is up to you to decide the after that you think is most appropriate. I know, I know, you say "But VE, they are all so similar, it's tough to pick".



Kurt said...

It's so hard to choose.

Anonymous said...

I think "A" is the reality, "B" is what he believes happened, and "C" is the story is he going to tell people

House of Suz said...

I can't pick a photo because none of them look like you (well, the first one does the most).

Unknown said...

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