Saturday, October 28, 2006

VE’s been wondering…

Hey, you know what I miss? Using Roman Numerals to record the movie year on a film! Why did it take the entire twentieth century to move away from that damn cryptic language? I mean, come on, the Romans haven’t ruled anything in like forever. I think it was safe to move on. Maybe I was being whiny on this one but you be the judge:

MCMXCIX or 1999?


If Sharon Stone has such a high IQ, do you ever wonder how she could be so dumb as to not see the possibility that in the future there would be digital capability of her movies and that millions of perverted males would be taking the crossing legs scene from Basic Instinct and going frame by frame through that one. Duh!


I think we need to move Thanksgiving into the February timeframe. But why VE? That would ruin our fall color scheme? Yeah, I know, but sacrifices must be made.

First, there are just too many holidays in the fall/winter. They’re queued up like the opening of a Star Wars film. We are just too holiday heavy during that time and we are too holiday light in the late winter/spring time. Sure, we’ve got the funky Ground Hog Day to help get us through, but come on…that only serves to have a winter party and rewatch Bill Murray. That isn’t cutting it. Besides, we get no days off for that one and that’s what it’s all about anyway.

Second, Christmas is a bully. Thanksgiving never gets its fair spotlight what with the race to have the biggest Christmas display known to mankind up before your neighbors. The ads are all Christmas and the only reason we really have the big feast is so we have enough food in us to survive the Christmas shopping blitz that becomes that weekend!


It's me, @Moustachio said...

I will enjoy Thanksgiving this year because of you. I will not being thinking of Santy Clause while eating my feast.

Vivalacrap said...

I think Sharon Stone did it because now she has the most famousest cha cha in all the land.

House of Suz said...

I'm with you on this one, MLK JR day is the last of the "get out of jail free" holidays until Memorial Day! That's just too damn long.

Unknown said...

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