Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Weirdness Six Game

Ok Suz tagged me and then thought I'd be the one with supreme weirdness. Weird is as weird does I guess. But weirdness is right up there with fantastical nonsense so I'm in...

According to the rules…..
Write 6 weird things about yourself.
Tag 6 people who then have too write their 6 weird things on their blog.
Leave a comment letting them know they are tagged and to read your blog.

My weirdnesses:

1. I collect crayon boxes. I have the largest collection of them in the world with over 3000 different boxes going back to the 1800s. Should I just stop here?
2. I'm allergic to bottled and canned US beer. No shit. It makes me throw up instantly. I can drink it from another country but not if I buy a foreign one from here. I've tried that with Corona; drank it fine in Mexico and came back, bought one here, took one sip and barf...
3. I like to be the first to discover and buy weird sport products. I probably had the first rollerblades on the west coast back in 1983. I now have outline skates; very prototype. I have two different sets of bounce boots and I own one of the first wave boards (like a skate board but has single wheels on casters underneath and a independent foot pivoting deck. I had offroad inline skates.
4. I can visualize cartoon ideas all day but I cannot draw for shit. Puts a serious damper on my cartoonist career.
5. I still believe in romance and that I can fall in love and get married again and live happily ever after like some old fashioned hollywood romance movie. Why do I continue to drink that koolaid?
6. I used to collect old beer cans and would look for them using a metal detector and dig them up in the forests and then clean them up and collect and sell them. In a 10 year span I probably made $30,000 on old beer cans. I once sold a single can for $3200 on ebay. Who would have thought?

And I shall choose Kanrei, Kim, Marcheline, Screetus, Wendy (she probably doesn't even know me but I still read her blog a lot), and Bunny (same with her). Go ahead - I dare you, get weird.


Anonymous said...

Well played, Variant E, well played! It's my bedtime now, and I am tired from much Wrangling With Annoying Doctors, but my 6 things will be up tomorrow! Check it!

Also, on a related note, I have the same issue with cartoons. I have what I perceive to be excellent cartoon ideas... but everything I draw looks like a hot dog with hands.

Anonymous said...

Curse you! How can I limit myself to only six? Weird for who? I will take your challenge my friend.

Shawna said...

Dude, you totally win in my book. I feel normal now compared to you!

Anonymous said...

Great answers!

There IS some strange anomaly with food and drink that you have somewhere else but you can't have it at home. Like, I love grilled salmon. I can eat it in restaurants 'til I pop but I start feeling nauseated just smelling it cooking at home. Weird.