Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas...Unless

Unless you suddenly have an allergic reaction to the antibiotics you are taking and it creates a rash over 90% of your body and leaves you feverish, nausiated, headachy, and twitchy!

So I did my Vegas and Death Valley trip. I had fun in Vegas; I really did. As a non-smoker I must say though that Vegas is the USA designated smoking area! I thought I was in Europe for a second. Of course staying at the Venetian makes it feel like Europe anyway.

I like how they make the indoors feel like it is outdoors. I didn't get back to the hotel until 4:00am and I got back up at 8:30 for Death Valley. That was a lot of money for a 4 hour room!

One thing I learned about Death Valley...it's a lot bigger than I thought it was. On the way to hiking, I thought I'd never get there. Coming back from the top of the trail I was on I was short on time, daylight, and gas; none of which are good things in a new environment in the middle of nowhere!

It's very surreal to be driving below sea level and be surrounded by mountains. It felt more like I was at 3000-6000 feet. Death Valley has a lot of interest contrasts.

It was 82 degrees and sunny all weekend! That's all that counts when you live in Portland!

I did some hiking at Red Rocks Canyon on Sunday. By then I was feeling the allergic reaction big time. I hadn't slept much at all on Saturday night either. I had fun, but it was forced and I paid for it later.

Sunday afternoon and evening was a blur. From walking around Vegas to waiting for my flight to checking myself into Emergency at the hostpital when I got home to finding out I had an allergic reaction to going home and sleeping 16 of the next 20 hours.

Damn I need to pull myself together and just get back to some simple living.


House of Suz said...

Tag, you're it! Check out my blog for the challenge.


House of Suz said...

Sounds like you need a couple days off.