Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 - A recap

- My first full year as a bachelor since 1985 (yikes)
- I dated 32 different women over the course of the year (WTF am I doing?)
- 6 of those didn’t want to see me again after the first date
- 14 of those I didn’t want to see again after the first date
- Only 6 did I date longer than two or three times
- My longest was 6 months
- Only 1 split up with me
- I would have happily spent the rest of my life with 2 had that been what they wanted
- 3 lied about their age; they were older than they had said
- But in the end I remain as I started; alone and hopeful

- Brazil twice
- Argentina twice
- Chile twice
- Mexico
- Washington DC & surrounding states
- Las Vegas, NV
- Death Valley, CA
- Uraguay
- Peru
- Costa Rica

- Smashed my car into a meridian (hit some oil)
- Bought a plasma TV (even though I rarely watch TV)
- Went through 3 Razor phones (neat, but they don’t make ‘em very well)
- Went through 3 Ipod Nanos (neat, but they don’t make ‘em very well)
- Drank more this year than my entire earlier 3 years combined

I’m thinking 2007 will be a better year...not that this year was particularly bad though.

Happy New Year to you too!


House of Suz said...

Quite a year. Happy 2007.

Kurt said...

How do you do it?

Anonymous said...

Damn...that's a lot of dating.
You're certainly trying hard enough.

Anonymous said...

you should get one of those nextel phones because I am told they are indestructable.

Anonymous said...

32?! I have had 10 in the last 5 years and 9 did not want a second date and 1 is 20 years old. You have had a great year and will be hard to top, but if anyone can do it, you can.

Happy new year!