Saturday, December 16, 2006

Waaay South of the Border

Looking for the VE update? Those that really know me know that any possible natural disaster, political uproar, or other unforseen event will likely occur where ever I am. And where exactly am I?

In Cusco, Peru. Just got back from Machu Picchu. I'm happy to report no broken bones (been there), no earthquakes (been there), no diseases (done that), no broken bones (been there).

Quick observations:
- Machu Picchu is not for those afraid of heights! The flippin' road they bus you up to get to the ruins makes our hills look like low angle driveways. Looking down you'd have to say there is no flippin' way you can drive a vehicle down this.
- It's been interesting since my Spanish consists of "no Espanol".
- Got on the wrong plane earlier in the trip. Amazing they would let me on...more on that when I am back.
- Why is it they every (and I mean every) taxi and car that transports me is on fumes and yet never seem to run out of gas. I mean even the guy taking me to the airport in Sao Paulo Brazil was on an eighth of a tank and we had a two and a half hour drive in traffic to get there! It was as if the car was refining its own fuel on the way or something.

Ok, enough of this computer stuff....back to the Latin night culture. If you're a good audience I'll share my massage's one for the books for sure.

Off to Equador tomorrow for some snorkeling. Damn. Hate when that happens ;>

Buenos Noches......VE


Anonymous said...

uh. well have fun on your EXOTIC VACATION or whatever. *not jealous at all*

Dave said...

Whoah... I just stumbled onto your blog here. I was in Cusco at the same time as you. What are the odds?