Monday, December 11, 2006

Where in the hell is VE?

Why in South America of course.

- Brazil, Finished
- Punta del Este, Uraguay, Finished (very fun!)
- Beunos Aires Argentina - In process
- Santiago Chile - Up next
- Machu Picchu Peru - Coming right up (really far up too)
- Equador - Soon, very soon
- Costa Rica - Last but not least (whitewater trip down one of the top 5 tropical rivers in the world!

Yes, I'm missing all that cold weather back home. Dam!
Yes, the water does spiral counter clockwise.
Yes, I did get some sunburn; but mostly tan.
Yes, I know your envious. Hey, I not only seized the day, I seized the whole damn holiday!

See you here again on the 20th!
Chow, VE


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip and I look forward to many photos on your blog. You have a much better excuse than I do for being MIA.

Anonymous said...

Well, I actually AM jealous.
I could use a little solo travel. I wonder if my family would miss me if I were gone for a few months.
I'd sure like to find out.

Anonymous said...

wtf everyone is on vacation but me?

Anonymous said...

I am not on vaca, I was sick. No work and on the clock (thank you sick days) so maybe it was vaca, but I felt like crap.

House of Suz said...

I wonder what trouble you'll cause this time.