Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yeah, but can you take it on the plane

BERLIN (Reuters) - German sex educators plan to launch a spray-on condom tailor-made for all sizes. "We're trying to develop the perfect condom for men that's suited to every size of penis," he said. "We're very serious." The team is developing a type of spray can into which the man inserts his penis first. At the push of a button it is then coated in a rubber condom.
"It works by spraying on latex from nozzles on all sides," he said. "We call it the '360 degree procedure' -- once round and from top to bottom. It's a bit like a car wash." Krause said the plan is to make the product ready for use in about five seconds. Krause hopes the high tech condom, which will be available in different strengths and colours, will on the market by 2008. The latex cartridges -- sufficient for up to 20 applications -- would cost roughly 10 euros, he said.

Sort of brings a whole new meaning to that phrase "wax on"...
And of course it would bring up that age old big of a can should you own? Don't be seen with a small can there buddy!


markjamesmurphy said...

I'd need the #10 can. Plus the extended warranty in case it breaks.

Anonymous said...

wait. am I the only one who is thinking of those spray on hair commercials?

Anonymous said...

ummm idk just sounds creepy! lol What if your coating is too thin and it breaks or comes off at the wrong time... How can a guy carry a spray can in his wallet? Way too many ?'s need to be answered! lol

Anonymous said...

BTW I only came by because of the comment you left at Iamnots place saying that you never expect people to come by or comment... so I HADDDDDD to do both!

CHeers! kate

Unknown said...

God, that makes me hot just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

why can't men just get the pill???

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