Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Not your average stop

Ok, I did mention that the bus caught on fire going to the Whitewater rafting start in Costa Rica. It filled with smoke and dumped us on a remote highway out in the jungle. You can notice the black char mark on the highway too. You just cannot book this kind of adventure...you have to travel with me to experience such wonderful inconveniences.

Here's a close up on the engine...or what is left
Here's the solution to our transportation...A flat bed trailer with benches...
Oh...and it's being driven by a tractor. Some fast commuting here...
But it was a nice river. Here you can just see it through the jungle. You could see sloths in the trees and touchans flying through the gorge.
Oh, and did I mention the white water was pretty darn good too. Here's a shot of our raft on one of the rapids...

Finally, here's a calm spot you could float in the water through. Waterfalls coming down the side and note the stereotypical decrepid foot bridge!

Next post...being chased down the Inca trail by a llama in Machu Picchu Peru (I'm not making this stuff up!)


Shawna said...

Wow, those are some amazing shots, I've always wanted to travel there, you just jumped it up on my list of places to go!

Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT! I'm so jealous of you now! Did you meet any drug kingpins???

Anonymous said...

Good Times!

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