Monday, February 19, 2007

And this thanks goes to...

Ok Grammy awards are over, Academy awards are almost here. This being the big thank you season, it is only fitting that I officially extend my thank yous for this post:

- I'd like to thank Suz for getting me started blogging. Without her insperation, you'd have a lot more time on your hands than reading my useless fodder.

- I'd like to thank the 7 computer geeks that built Blogspot. I wouldn't have a blog without their 50 hour straight working marathons and the countless supplies of junk food and energy drinks they consumed in order to not have to slow down their progress (take a clue from the crazy astronaut next diapers = no bathroom breaks!).

- I'd like to thank Al Gore for inventing the internet. If not for that, I wouldn't have the one or two people that randomly find my blog.

- I'd like to thank Konrad Kuse for inventing the modern computer and then Bill Gates for exploiting other peoples inventions so he could make more money than anyone on Earth on a product so full of security and programming problems, it would take longer than this award ceremony to fully describe (but I digress here...).

- I'd like to thank my teachers for teaching me the English language; it would be very difficult to do my post in caveman like drawings; I'm not a good drawer.

- I'd like to thank the people of Britain for inventing the English language; without which I'd never be able to communicate this post since I'm language challenged.

- I'd like to thank my parents for having me because it would have been very difficult to make this post if I had never existed at all

- Finally, I'd like to thank President Bush....but I can't. He's an idiot! I hate him. This has nothing to do with my post...I just threw that in so the show would have some political commentary. I believe it is required that all award ceremonies have a political statement.

.....and at this point the "shut up your taking too long" music starts playing and you'll have to visualize me dropping the napkins my thank you speech is written on as I search desparately for Scarlett Johansson so I can give her one of those Adrian Brody kisses (you know, when he gave one to Halle Berry on the Academy awards awhile back!)....


Unknown said...

I am offended personally. No thank you to the countless fans? We must be chopped liver or something I suppose. I am going to cry I think. Yea, I am.

Kurt said...

Without me you'd only have one comment so far.

Anonymous said...

what award are you getting exactly? I always wanted a grammy...

Ed said...

Yes...just like when Julia Roberts won her Oscar for Erin Brockavich and then forgot to thank Erin...I guess I forgot to include my dedicated readers and commenters. Of course...I have no award; just a useless that you speech but I guess it still warrants reader recognition!!

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