Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Yes, with yet a second 50 million dollar civil suit now filed in the Brandy auto incident, I thought it only fitting to provide a parady off that old 70s song "Brandy" by Looking Glass...

There’s a freeway out San Diego way
That a family was driving on that day
Not realizing fate would play a card their way
Due to a drunken celebrity

And there’s a girl, in this harbor town
And she works laying music down
They say “Brandy, have another round”
She’s drinking whiskey and wine

Her friends say “Brandy, you’re a talent
Who cares if you drive illegally?
Yeah the famous don’t have to play by the rules
They have special indemnity”

So Brandy, takes off in her car
But she’s too drunk to really make it very far
She crashes but escapes without scar
But kills a family mom.

But she left because she’s a celebrity
Thinking hey, no justice can affect me
Little did she know, in civil court she would be
Perhaps justice will now prevail

The public said “Brandy, you’re a bad girl
And in jail you should be
You took away love, life, a mother
From an innocent family”


Unknown said...

That is just great, great, and GREAT! I tip my hat to you sir. I build a statue in your honor. I start a new religion in your name. You sir are the new parody king.

Anonymous said...

um. what incident?