Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gotta go

I think it's time to have a serious look at the toilet and/or urinal. Since I'm really never serious though, let's just have a VE look at them, shall we?

Ok, first off, we have this wonderfully fun urinal I featured awhile back. Too bad they made them take it out...apparently some stuffy republican or religious fanatic probably complained. Sheez!Well, and then if your going to be using a urinal, might as well make it entertaining! I think somebody brought up the concern about resetting the ball once you've scored. Good point!

Now ladies, it's hard enough to stand next to a complete stranger without privacy and have to pee. For most guys, unless they've had 12 beers or 10 cups of coffee they'll freeze up in this situation. Of course, this particular bathroom design doesn't help that predicament either.Yes, it is only fair that women have a urinal too. Happily there is a company in Europe that makes them as depicted here. That should speed the line up!
Now you are probably wondering what this is. It looks like a mirrored phone booth...
but in reality, it's a public bathroom with one-way glass. Fortunately the glass is installed the right way...
Of course privacy is not a major concern in the depicted by this bathroom.

And beyond the overall bathrooms, there are all the things you need in a bathroom. For example: There is actually a web site called: and they specialize in novelty toilet paper. Yes folks, you too can get the coveted “Show me the Money” currency toilet paper:

Oh, and here is a yodeling bathroom in Japan:

And what feature would be complete without a toilet seat collector…

Remember, the successful creator designs things that have a multi-function…as we see here:

Yes...that pretty much sums it all up, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

this is probably your most brilliant post ever.

Kurt said...

How did you make that trike, VE?

Unknown said...

Everytime I start to read this post I gotta go to the bathroom for some reason. I hope to finish it soon.

Unknown said...

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