Sunday, February 25, 2007

If the Academy Awards were real life

Yeah, I always watch the Academy Awards...don't even start with me about that.

But one thing you gotta love is that music that comes on when somebody is taking too long with their acceptance speech. I mean, everyone knows what that means!

Wouldn't it be great if you could have that happen in your daily life:

You're at work in your umpteenth meeting of the day and some coworker is droning on because they love listening to themselves talk and who's really gonna tell them to shut up in a working environment anyway. But wait....suddenly the oscar acceptance speech music starts and now they know they're taking too long. Awesome!

You're at yet another family function listening to yet another relative droning on with the same story you've already heard since you were 9 years old. But wait...suddenly the oscar acceptance speech music starts...

Yes, this could be a quite a useful feature!

0h...and regarding the favorite part was watching Clint Eastwood in his new job as an Italian interpreter. Yes, we are global baby!!!


Kurt said...

Maybe you could just start making the sound of an orchestra yourself when you want someone to stop talking.

Anonymous said...

or you could say "shut up" thats how I show my family how much I love them.

Shawna said...

My family all talks so loud, you'd never hear the music to begin with!

Yes, I am a loud talker as well, I try to curb it, but when you've grown up yelling...well, it's hard to fix.

Unknown said...

I would just like to say (Music cuts off post)

Bobby D. said...

Really super duper toilet pix, thanks for posting those!

All I really want is to have somebody with a cool mysterious hip name like 'Varient E." post comments on my blog.

I love that they use the music now at the 'wards, cuz people get all...this is my moment and people want to hear me thank my mom and Jesus and all the little people...

Bobby D. said...

I wish someone would take a megaphone onstage and wave it saying,

"If that music starts, F** it, cuz I'm gonna finish my long boring speech"

Unknown said...

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