Monday, February 05, 2007

What Next?

What will happen when the writer's of all these kid's animated movies run out of story ideas? I mean let's face it. The basic formula lately is to take anything and apply human characteristics to it and have a hit animated movie. Look at Cars....hey, I know, let's make cars look and act like people. Look at Shrek...hey, I know, let's make fairy tale characters look and act like people. Look at Ice Age, Open Season, or Over the Hedge...hey, I know, let's make animals look and act like people. Look at The Brave Little Toaster...hey, I know, let's make common houshold appliances look an act like people! What's next? I think Rocks. Why? Why not...hey...they rock! And let's make them act and look like people!!

Hey would you mind paying me $30-60 for something that I promise to write and publish this summer? Oh, and I expect to sell this to say...10-40 million people. Oh's already been's the Harry Potter 7 book. Damn, and I thought I had a good get rich scheme there for a second. Of course, it would help if I could write and had an original idea too I guess. But that never seemed to make a difference for the Garfield cartoon...
Some guy sells pixels on his web site and makes a million dollars!
Some guy asks for a dollar for nothing on his web site and has already made over $75,000!
Two guys make a web site for hosting video for a couple years and sell it for 1.5 billion!
Why am I so lazy not to cash in on this insanity? Surely for that kind of stakes I could come up with some outlandish product or idea. Or maybe I'll go watch another episode of Wild Wild West and relive my childhood...aaah; that's it, no pressure to be successful...what a comforting feeling.


It's me, @Moustachio said...

I'll give you $.30. I don't have $30. Would you prefer a quarter and a nickel? Or three dimes?

Ed said...

Well it's a start there Conti! I'll take it in pennies actually. I think if they are all pre-1980 pennies I might be able to melt them down and make a slight profit...

Gnomeself Be True said...

I'll pay you a dollar for an idea that I can make $75,000 off of.

Kurt said...

I keep thinking the same thing, but I never come up with a good idea.

markjamesmurphy said...

You could call it 'Rocks'.

Anonymous said...

hey I think the Neverending Story had rocks that acted like people.

Unknown said...

We are designed to see faces in things. We have also always used animals and inanimate objects to tell the stories we cannot tell people doing. Before the movies, the books involved talking animals and such. Even the Bible had a talking burning bush.
It is annoying that they are coming out so close to one another because it becomes clear they are the same story with different talking things, but it really always has been that way and always will be.

Here is your plot- a stoned person drops his lighter at a Widespread Panic concert. The lighter then goes on a magical journey to find its way home. Along the way it will meet such friends as Zippy the Rolling Paper; Trip the hit of acid; Fig the hallucination; and a green rat named Bob.

Unknown said...

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