Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blogs I have yet to create

Ok, I have no idea who this person is, but it supports my first blog idea:

The “Fuck You” blog. It simply contains photos of anyone flipping the bird in the photo. I’m hoping to have celebrities and dignitaries submit photos too. What a fun challenge going around and getting people to flip you off while you take photos and then publish them on a site; leaving them with a card to the web site location.

Yes, stupid is as stupid does. And that segways into my next blog:

The All Things Stupid blog. This would serve as a comprehensive repository for anything that is stupid and what makes it stupid. This could definitely be a large blog; perhaps a full time effort.


Kurt said...

I like the first blog idea, and I can send you many photos from my private collection.

Scary Monster said...

Me believes that the "FUCK YOU" blog be a solid idea. Stupid blog would have to be catagorized and crossed indexed and would end up being mostly political

Shawna said...

I would definitely submit a "fuck you" photo, and have many, many stupid ideas and submissions in mind already!