Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Find your Niche!

Yes, VE has been very busy! Yes, in my never ending quest to do absolutely nothing (stole that from Office Space), I had come to realize that I have certain monitary needs even when doing nothing because frankly, I just want to do nothing on white sand beaches and tour around the world sharing my do nothing dream.

But how to make a boatload of money doing nothing? Well, I need to generate passive income. That's money you get for not having to do anything. Royalties is an example of passive income. Nah, I cannot sing so that one is out I ugess. Real Estate? Yeah, I could be a slum lord but then there's also those irritating home fix it things when they trash the places. No, bad idea.

Hey wait! Organized crime! That's the ticket. No, bad choice. Dead or maimed isn't good either. Those guys don't like somebody muscling in on their business. Like they have a monopoly or something!

Then it occurred to me. I need to muscle in and make my own niche mafia! So I've muscled in and taken over the last free cash-only unregulated thing out there. Street begging! Yes, I've now muscled in and taken over control of every on ramp and off ramp in America. Anyone that wants to beg for money on the street now pays me a percentage! This is good tax free money coming in. And it's coming in pretty fast. Here's a photo of my spare room where I keep the excess:


Scary Monster said...

What was your address again? Me seems to have misplaced it..

Kurt said...

It looks like you've begged in several countries.

Anonymous said...

so you are kind of like a pimp?

Shawna said...

I don't know if this happens elsewhere, but in Dallas, a few years back, a bunch of "bums" got busted, because they weren't bums at all, they were seen walking to their cars, with their signs, they were getting in Cadillac's and things like that. One that accepted an interview said he could make upwards of $150 a day, we are talking an 8 hour day....

It's shitty, but can you blame em?