Friday, March 23, 2007

Look the Part

Now that I’m rolling in dough from my Panhandler Pimping gig, it’s time for some changes to look the part.

First, a little custom interior on the ‘ol pimp mobile

Next, I’ve hired this guy (and dressed exactly like this) to do all of my East Coast collections. He’s in the field making personal visits when I have a panhandler who disagrees with my mission statement.
As for me, time for some new shopping items. When pimping along doing my own personal checks along the local on ramps and off ramps, I like to select the proper attire. This being Spring, I like to add a little bit of color to my clothing wardrobe

Now for pants, I’m going with these:
Oh, and don’t forget to accessorize:
I always wear my pimp belt too:

And let’s not forget the pimp hat:
And finally, one cannot be a pimp without the proper pimp cane:
I’m working on my language skills too…check it out:
"Slide in my ride and lets roll for the stroll."
"Can't be simp-in when you out street pimp-in!"


Shawna said...

Laughing so hard right now. I recommend:

Pimps Up Hoes Down

It's a movie, and it's can learn a lot about your pimpin' skillz from these REAL pimps! Really, I'm not kidding, I've seen it.

Kurt said...

I kind of like the swivel driver's seat.

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