Friday, March 09, 2007

Things I learned from my ipod

What did I learn?
Ok, despite the obvious fact that they are pieces of crap. I'm on my third Nano. Thank God I got one of those product replacement plans!

But I was out for a run and had the ipod on extreme shuffle mode. I know what you are saying. "VE. What is extreme shuffle mode?" Well, that's when you've illegally downloaded over 5,000 songs over the years for yourself and your kids and then you just dump a whole bunch of them onto your ipod and put it in shuffle mode. You have no idea what your going to get!

When I run, I'm quite lazy about having to whip out the ipod and skip a song; too much work. I'd rather suffer through. It wasn't easy though. The Chipmunks Christmas song in March was a stretch. Does anyone suspect that isn't their actual voices? Amazing effects!!

A few good songs and then I had 60s song "Downtown" by Petula Clark. I had to look that up by-the-way. This has to be one of the most uppity mindless happy songs there is. I almost started to run downtown and shop! Seriously, this song could sell Christmas decorations to the Seventh Day Adventists! A few word changes and you could make homeless people the envy:
"When your alone, no job or no home, you can always go...Downtown!" And they always do!!

And then a real sufferer song. "The End" by the Doors. Now I'm actually a doors fan, but seriously, Jim Morrison couldn't have penned a better title for that song. Clearly that marked the end of his audience and he drank himself into lyrical poetry babble shortly there after. The lyrics on this one and it's never ending length also probably marked the end of his audience's attention. I mean check out these lyrics:

"Ride the Snake, to the Lake"
Ok, Jim, it makes no sense but at least it rhymes. You got nothing on Dr. Suess there buddy!

"The West is the best"
Damn that's deep!

"The blue bus is calling us"
Sorry Jim, I don't think I have exact bus fare...

Then later after more jibberish:

"Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill"
Maybe Kubrick took inspiration here and applied it to the Shining movie when Jack is typing his book.

Maybe he should have done like Bruce Springstein with "I'm on Fire" and just kept the first two or three verses (which are good) and just left it as a very short mini song.


Scary Monster said...

How did you make it home from your run. Me would have topped meself long before me could have thought of new words for Peculier Croaks song. Me salute your peserverence.

Kurt said...

At least you didn't have to listen to Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer, the worst song ever written.

House of Suz said...

I've never wanted an iPOD, never saw the attraction since songs are always playing in my head already (they drown out the voices). That is until I saw that NEW super small one they just came out with, it's like an inch by an inch. I figure I can lose it pretty quickly, too.

Fred said...

Lazy Hazy Crazy Day Summer is GREAT song.
Kurt is not true!