Monday, April 09, 2007

The $20 Project

Now that I’m rich from my pimpin’ days and my time machine investments; I can afford to do absolutely nothing. But like all good rich people, the need to be a philanthropist has now hit me.

Yeah, I could give money to charities, have buildings named after me, adopt all the orphans of Vietnam (damn, Angelina beat me to it), sing the star spangled banner at the super bowl. Whatever!

But all that is just not for me. I want something low key. I’ve decided I would take a cue from the move Amelie. If you’ve never seen it; the main character goes around doing strange creative good deeds to try and help the lives of those around her. I am going to help anonymous unknown people $20 at a time.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

- I’m going to go down to one of the poorer neighborhoods and find every ATM. I’ll withdraw $20 but leave the bill in the machine for the next person to find.

- When I eat at restaurants, I’m going to conspicuously place a $20 on my finished dinner plate but then place my salad plate on top of it. That way, only the dishwasher will discover it.

- I’m going to put $20 bills inside the coin-op washers and dryers.

- I’m going to go down to one of those hideous government buildings and put a $20 inside the vending machine where the candy comes out. I’ll expand this idea to non-profit business locations.

- I’m going to place $20 bills into key self-improvement books at the main public library.

- I’m going to paperclip $20 bills to the bushes on that nice estate in a manner that they aren’t easily noticed so that when the landscape service comes…

- I’m going to slide $20 bills into the Acne medication packages at the drug store.


Kurt said...

Why don't you donate $20 to OPE blog? We would do a really nice post thanking you. We take Paypal.

Shawna said...

Us poor folk in Big D could use a $20 spot for sure!

Scary Monster said...

Man, Me be on a plane and gettin ready to be your stalker.


Me used to put dollars in between the folds of paper nakins and sit at the coffee shop till someone found it. Some strange reactions to found money.

Flawed And Disorderly said...

Wow! How much fun!