Friday, April 27, 2007

Animal Encounter

Yes, the week has come to a close here on VE TV. We'll say farewell to the Wild Kingdome series with the following tag:

What were the three oddest encounters you've had with non-pet animals?

Here's mine:

1. Went running once on a forest road with no lights and no moon. It was utterly dark and the only way I could see the road was the lack of stars from the tree line on either side. Then suddenly I ran into something. It was deer in the road. WTF? I thought they could see in the dark? Anway, I screamed like a girl I'm sure since one doesn't expect to encounter a large mammal in the middle of the road and not have it move for some runner.

2. While hiking in Alaska, I rounded a precipice (that's rock outcropping if you slept through that English class) and right into a large bear. Literally. I was staring face to face with this beast about as close as talking to a friend. What to do? Why run the other way screaming of course! And I did. Of course that isn't what you should do, but who really has time for the debate in those kind of situations. Lucky for me, that bear was just a scared and took off up this forested hill at an amazing speed. Like I could outrun that!

3. While at my cabin in central Oregon I was picking up toys from the day before and I picked up a Frisbee to discover a rattlesnake coiled up underneath it. Fortunately for me, it was early morning and so it was very lethargic (that's tired/slow for those of you that slept through that English class).

So what are yours?


Flawed And Disorderly said...

Oh my gosh! A bear and a snake are very scary!!! What are you supposed to do if you see a bear? Walk away slowly? Skip? Roll? I need to know just incase.

The deer would startle me, but not as much as watching Lucifer scream like a girl because he saw a bird.

Kurt said...

I was sleeping one night in the forest in France when I heard a pack of dogs barking. They were coming my way. Then I heard something running toward me ahead of the dogs. It stopped in its tracks. I made a loud noise and it turned and ran off. I've always thought it was a fox or whatever they chase with dogs in France.

Scary Monster said...

Was driving to work one day and spotted the most georgous buck just standing at the side of the road. Had to stop me car and rub me eyes to make certain it were real.

One time while doing some off road riding, me were coming off a jump and and had to slam on the breaks cause a "mountain goat" (Kamoshika, in Japanese)was standing in the middle of the track. He wouldn't give way so me had to run the damn course backwards.

Bee said...

Wow!!! I got chills from the bear encounter!